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Who is don diamont dating

Lisa turned on the gas and left them to die, only to run into Jack on her way out.She pulled out a gun, which he quickly took from her.Everyone thought Paul had inherited her money, but the judge died before he could sign the divorce papers so Brad inherited her VERY sizable estate incluing the house which he promptly renamed Carlton Manor.Traci and Brad grew close again but Ashley Abbott used him as a shoulder to cry on for her marital problems.Perpetually insecure Abbott daughter Traci Abbott took an interest in him.Soon they were dating, and John Abbott put him to work on the sales line at Jabot Cosmetics.Traci stopped the divorce proceedings, but Brad had responded to Ashley's flirting and lost interest in Traci, leading to a divorce.

Brad and Cassandra had an amicable divorce but, on her way to see Paul Williams after signing the divorce papers, Cassandra was hit by a truck and killed.While in the drug store, she was spotted by Lauren (on a ski trip with Jack).Lauren followed her home and found Brad, only to get locked in the cage with him.Traci had just returned and, to keep her from leaving him for her professor, Tim Sullivan, Brad reluctantly agreed to try for a baby.Ashley asked Jack not to ruin their sister's happiness with Brad's past, and Jack kept his mouth shut.

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Her thugs then knocked Brad out, and tapes were delivered to Lauren and Traci with "Brad" saying he was leaving to be with his true love, Lisa. One night, she recreated their wedding night (complete with dress and tuxedo), but as they moved to the bedroom, she began to feel sick.

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