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Our guide Elena pointed out works by local creators, which you can spot on walls all throughout the city. Urban Adventures always incorporates local flavors into their tours.

At the start, Elena handed us each a “covrig,” or Romanian pretzel to try. ” Looks like the drooling Rick Sanchez made a stop in Bucharest, between his space-flights to alien galaxies.

In Part 1 of my Bucharest series, I shared a Gothic photoshoot in a graveyard, and my speech at Experience Romania conference.

(My black jacket is faux fur, as always.) The artists do a fantastic job at incorporating the natural landscape into their works.

One of the most iconic Bucharest murals is this one by Sweet Damage Crew (Point Art Space, on Eremia Grigorescu street).

It opened in 1912, but was damaged by a 1977 earthquake and then abandoned. I was glad to see the building maintain its classic arches and carvings, while looking to the future with alien-like street art. love my slasher synthwave undercut by Chad Evans at Stratosphere Salon in Vancouver, Canada.) Outfit of the Day: Since I was going to be in Dracula’s homeland, I couldn’t resist picking up this bloody vampire fangs cut-out top from H&M’s Halloween collection. ), and Bucharest’s walls were a rainbow of street-art… I’m standing in front of one of my personal favorites. (This is the Adult Swim cartoon that follows genius scientist Rick and his not-too-swift grandson Morty on misadventures throughout the universe.) The Alternative Tour is one of the many travel experiences offered by Urban Adventures Bucharest.

This was only available during spooky season, but you can find a similar style vampire shirt here. It’s similar to this skirt, and this faux leather version. (You may recall how I loved their underground tour of Athens, Greece.) Once again, we had an enthusiastic, knowledgeable young guide who showed us Bucharest’s hidden and offbeat sides.

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