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This float-enclosing behavior in IE can also be 'toggled' off again just by hovering of links within the container, if that hovering alters either the link background or one of several other CSS properties.

Quite a mess, and we'll cover it farther along in the article, in the "Toggle Trouble" section.

Check out this live demo of the fix in action: All this is wonderful, but unfortunately IE for the Mac does not "auto-clear" floats, and also does not support :after, and so is left out of the clearing party. You might callously abandon IE/Mac, but consider that many people who use older Macs can't run Safari, or several other modern browsers.

Thankfully this browser has been dropped by Microsoft, and at some future time the numbers of such IE/Mac users will become miniscule.

Thanks to the efforts of Tony Aslett, creator and operator of csscreator.com, we can now use advanced CSS to "clear" a float container in non-IE browsers and just let IE keep wrongly clearing itself. This does not affect IE/Win which simply keeps enclosing the float as always (assuming the container has a stated dimension), but non-IE browsers will need a substitute for that element. This CSS 2 property allows extra content to be added at the end of an element via the CSS. The content is specified from within the CSS stylesheet, and appears in the page as would a real HTML element that had been inserted following all the normal content of the target element.

The upshot is that we now have the option to avoid adding that pesky clearing element to the HTML markup. Such :after generated content cannot receive some CSS properties, including 'position', 'float', list properties, and table properties.

The containers are grey with green borders, and the floats are dark brown with yellow borders.

Strangely, having the text color change on hover does toggle the bug.As a side benefit, has Layout on float-enclosing elements also prevents several other major IE/Win float bugs. This one results when that container element has links inside, following the float.However, should this container box be placed following a previous with this auto-enclosing behavior. When this happens and certain links are hovered, the auto-enclosing behavior is toggled or "switched off", causing the lower edge of the container box to suddenly jump up to the bottom of the non-floated content. This interesting effect is of course called the IE/Win Guillotine Bug Those of you viewing in IE/Win may play around with the following live demos, and for a more complete explanation see the IE/Win Guillotine Bug demo page .This seems to be related to the actual text lines themselves, so any links after the first two lines will toggle the effect. Just more weird IE bug behaviors, folks, nothing "unusual".Screenshot The second demo has been "fixed" by placing those links in a paragraph, which then gets the zoom fix applied to it. Yes, this means another element is needed, but unlike a clearing div, this paragraph is a "semantic" element.

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Those familiar only with Explorer for Windows may scratch their heads and say "That's not right!

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