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Therefore, they don't show up well, especially the light colors, against a dark frame color.

To get around this, I printed some of the decals on the white-background paper, and colored the background to match the frame.

This problem has not arisen in this project, but it could be a real dilemma in others.

One problem is that the inkjet inks are translucent.

I'll probably never own a bike that has any real historical or artistic significance.The painters must not have noticed it, and the assemblers just socked in the BB without looking, so the form stayed there for the next 40 years. ) Unfortunately, it had only a couple illegible words on its reverse side, so it was little help in dating the bike.It did prove, however, that the frame was built after the Raleigh acquisition of Carlton, 1960 or 61, I believe. I began with the brakes and levers, then the hubs and pedals.To obtain white areas, you must use white-background decal film, but then it can't have transparent areas.Decals that must have transparent areas cannot have white areas.

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Because of the age and corrosion, many parts were difficult to remove.

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