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Is michael waltrip dating

As well, "Rei" means "zero" in Japanese, and (spelled a different way) is also a common name there; thus, it is sometimes used in this sense.

Zero may be one of those Names to Run Away from Really Fast. Not to be confused with Zorro, despite the spelling (and many other) similarities.

Carter’s “Little Liver Pills” became Carter’s “Little Pills” in 1951, but the South doesn’t really pay attention to history. ” Even those below the Mason-Dixon know frogs don’t have hair, and the irony means to highlight just how dandy you feel. Their vociferous habit wakes up the house, signaling time to work.

An extremely cocky rooster might think the sun rises simply because he crows. “That thing is all catawampus.” Catawampus adj: askew, awry, cater-cornered.

However..a character in a story is named "Zero", or has "zero" as part of their name, then that character has at least one unique attribute that makes them significantly stand out from everyone else.

Often, 'Zero' may simply be used for its convenient Xtreme Kool Letterz.

Specifically, Carters repped its “Little Liver Pills” so hard a Southern saying spawned from the omnipresent advertisements.

Tall cotton bushes are easier to pick and yield higher returns.

If you’re living “in high cotton,” it means you’re feeling particularly successful or wealthy. “She was madder than a wet hen.” Hens sometimes enter a phase of “broodiness” — they’ll stop at nothing to incubate their eggs and get agitated when farmers try to collect them.

Farmers used to dunk hens in cold water to “break” their broodiness.

You don’t want to be around a hormonal hen after she’s had an ice bath. “He could eat corn through a picket fence.” This describes someone with an unfortunate set of buck teeth.

They tend to stick up and outward, like a horse’s teeth.

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To avoid the draft on either side, Cooter decided to stay drunk throughout the entire war, making him ineligible for battle.