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Intimidating police cars

And Toronto isn't the first city to make-over its cars.

Police fleets in Vancouver and Calgary have both switched to a stealthy looking black and grey paint scheme.

As the record holder for largest production pickup, this beast costs as much as 0 grand and boasts a whopping 6K pound towing capacity.

Although Ashton Kutcher’s ownership of this colossal truck did nothing to add to its tough image, the combination of its massive size, power and price earns it a place on this most intimidating cars list.

It is arguably one the most important cars of the past half century.

Strebly is the president and ethics chair of Graphic Designers Canada and he argues that design creates reality.

Its ground clearance affords it aggressive off-road capabilities.

If the emergency lights didn’t make you want to run scared, then perhaps the gun ports, rotating roof hatch with blast shields and remotely operating weapons system supporting up to a MK19 Grenade Machine Gun will.

Toronto police recently unveiled a new colour scheme for their cruisers.

Instead of the traditional white, blue, and red, the city's fleet of vehicles will be replaced with grey cars, complete with black and white lettering.

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