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Keep answering her questions as long as she shows interest, but don't overload her with information if her next comment is, "Okay. We don't talk about things like that," and don't try to steer the conversation elsewhere.Either way, your grade-schooler will get the message that his perfectly normal questions are taboo, and that he's bad for even thinking of them."You want to be an 'ask-able' parent," says Pepper Schwartz, a sociology professor at the University of Washington in Seattle and coauthor of ."Your kid should know you love this kind of conversation.

Other children are more consistently curious about sex and demand more detail than before.And if your 8-year-old has some 10-year-old buddies, he may be asking you questions you didn't think you'd have to handle so soon.When he hears your answers, he might take them in stride or he might react with a loud "Yuck!"The child is picking up the melody line, not the words."Really listen.Resist the temptation to jump in with speeches the minute your child asks a question about sex.

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Just do your best to speak calmly, so you can respect your child's natural curiosity without being judgmental.

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