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Both friends and lovers, Sena and Minami show age difference is no barrier to true love. Takano Seiichi & Amemiya Hotaru (Hotaru no Hikari) Kuga Tatsuhiko & Kasahara Natsuki (Over Time) Usami Kei & Aizawa Airu (Love Shuffle) Kudo Junpei & Tanaka Chiharu (Kekkon Shinai) Tsui Fei & Quin (Detective Investigation Files IV) Kang Tae-bong & Oh Dalja (Dalja’s Spring) Hyun Jin-heon & Kim Sam-soon (My Name is Kim Sam-soon) [email protected] It’s pretty obvious from this blog that Tamaki Hiroshi is my favourite actor, but this post will also feature actors whom I enjoy seeing regularly on my screen and whom I think deserve a shout-out.

Currently, I have a “super seven” group of Japanese actors whom I hope will team up together in a big drama that will be the most kickass one in Japan ever, haha.

From now on, whatever happens, I will still continue to do my best. We have a lot of experiences and I think that every point was able to be connected now. Ueno Juri announced today that she and Triceratops vocalist/guitarist Wada Sho are now husband and wife. She posted on her Instagram account saying “Today, I got married to Wada-san!”, while the news has also been confirmed by their respective companies.Fujiki was awesome in Love Revolution and Hotaru no Hikari.Shiina is incredibly versatile, check him out in Antique and Over Time.

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I haven’t always liked small Tony’s recent film choices – Lust, Caution was pretty mehhh – but he remains one of the standout actors of his generation.