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Over the next 2000 years, half a metre of deposit built up, characterised by layers of thick ash, a few bone points and stone tools, and the smashed and burnt bones of various land animals.

Both the stone and bone tools resemble tools from mainland Pleistocene sites, yet are also forerunners of later Tasmanian forms.

The contents of this midden are similar to those from the lowest levels of rocky Cape south, excavated by Rhys Jones and dated to around 8000 years old.

From about 1800 until 7000 years ago, when the sea reached its present level, the cave was effectively deserted.Then about 18 000 until 7000 years ago, when the sea was close to its present position and marine shellfish were easily obtainable, the cafe again came into use.The remains in the cave suggest the new occupants had a well-developed coastal economy.Bone points were in layers older than 4000 years, and so were stone tools (such as quartz and quartzite flakes) and pebble tools.Sandra Bowdler interprets this midden as representing the period when coastal people, possessing a well-developed fishing economy, had been pushed back by the rising seas to a 'Hunter Peninsula', just before the land link with Tasmania was finally severed.

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