Dating a commercial airline pilot

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Dating a commercial airline pilot

Airline pilots are people who lead a jet-setting life, literally.

They have great pay, amazing company in the form of attractive-looking cabin crew and can fly all across the world.

It is not just enough to have a nice figure or gorgeous hair – you need to be able to carry yourself well and move gracefully so that the entire appearance is worth a serious second look.

At the same time, you need to offer something extra – in the way of intelligent conversation, professional excellence or even an interesting personality – which will set you apart from the merely good-looking people that your date is working with the whole day.

Married to the job One of the first things you have to understand about dating an airline pilot is that their working schedules can be unpredictable.

Airline pilots are one of the professional groups which make a good deal of money.

They are absent long enough to miss important occasions in their personal lives but then not present long enough to work at renewing the bonding with their significant others.

Pilots seem to be flying in and out of their partner’s lives all the time, which makes it all even more unsettling.

Rather you should also have a career you're passionate about to occupy your time while your spouse is away.

Keep yourself busy until your pilot partner gets back, so that you have plenty to talk about when you are together again.

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Airline pilots bring home great pay which means that their families can have a comfortable standard of living.

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