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Consolidating power ancient rome

No, The achievements of the Roman Empire were unmatched at its time.

Many things it accomplished are ideas and ways of life that did not become widespread until after its fall.

Its population at this time, at its peak under Augustus, had increased from 50 million to as high as 70 million.

At the time, only the empire of China had a populous that paralleled with the Roman Empire, and no other human group under a single government was as large as these two.... after the Romans drove out the hated Etruscan king.

Through, a poor tax infrastructure, corruption, and series of unsuccessful reforms, taxes were destructive to Rome....

[tags: Infrastructure, Tax, Ancient] - Rome had fallen.

Political corruption, the division of wealthy and poor, decline in moral values, and public health to name a few, were all major contributors to this disease.

For the purpose of this paper, this disease will be called ‘The Roman Condition’.

This shows that roman government is unscrupulous and cared so little about their working citizens....

To understand the Roman Condition, we must first understand how it got from a thriving empire to an empty shell in the span of 200 years....

[tags: Roman Condition, Germanic Tribes] - AP Term Paper: The Fall of Ancient Rome and Egypt Throughout history, there have been a variety of great and powerful empires.

Many theories have been presented as to why it fell, from unsound economic and social policies to mass lead poisoning.

The actual cause of Rome’s fall is the result of many factors, but was mainly caused by Rome’s poor economic policies.

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Rather, there were many contributing factors to its ultimate demise.