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Adult profile pic

The company’s generic user account avatars are also a little different with the official release.

When we first looked at the feature, Netflix was offering cartoon-like avatars such as a cowboy, dog, football player, and ninja.

To switch between users you simply hove over the account profile and select the next profile you’d like to see from the drop-down menu.

Adding more user profiles is as simple as hovering in the same spot and then selecting “Manage Profiles.” Netflix’s multi-user profiles is a useful addition, but it would be nice to see added security features such as password controls in future versions.

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With multi-user profiles, viewing tastes for each member of your family no longer have to be jumbled together into one giant mess.So if you're watching "Orange Is The New Black," while your significant other is more interested in "House of Cards," the latter show won’t overtake the former in the coveted “Recently Watched” slot on your Netflix home page.Multi-user profiles also mean recommendations for new shows and movies can be more precisely tailored to the viewing tastes of individual members of your household.Facebook, profile images, self-presentation, identity, digital photography As the popularity of online social networking sites like Facebook grows, so do concerns about the impact of such sites on the impression management and relationship practices of today's youth.As Buffardi and Campbell (2008) describe, some worry that the online environment encourages narcissistic behavior, while others show concern that meaningful friendships are replaced with a shallow list of acquaintances (Garreau, 2008).

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We took a look at the feature back then and not a lot has changed with the official rollout.

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