Accuracy of early pregnancy dating scans

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The researchers are looking at the benefits and risks of elective induction at 39 weeks—including Cesarean rates, serious infant health problems, hospital costs, and patient satisfaction.Their goal is to find out if having everyone give birth by 39 weeks results in better birth outcomes than letting people wait for spontaneous labor.Another 18% said that they were induced because the health care provider was concerned that the mother was overdue.Some researchers define neonatal death as a death in the first week of life; others use the first month of life.Some people may argue that elective inductions at 39 weeks are already happening in large numbers…so we need research in order to learn the pros and cons of elective induction at 39 weeks!

If he's standing, he may lose his balance and fall.

Anything before that 5-week period was considered “preterm,” and anything after those five weeks was “post-term.” Over time, though, research began to show that health problems were more common at certain points during this 5-week “term” period.

In particular, newborns are more likely to die (although the overall risk was still very low) if they are born before 39 weeks, or after 41 weeks.

This is a subtle difference, but an important one, because not everyone who chooses to wait for labor will actually have a spontaneous labor; some of them will develop complications that lead to an induction and increase their risk for Cesarean.

The researchers argued that the comparison group must include them as well.

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These seizures don't knock him out like the tonic-clonic seizures, but if he has a few close together, he is often tired." When it starts in one area of the brain: Stiffening of a part of the body may begin in one area and stay local. When it starts on both sides of the brain: The whole body or both sides of the body may become stiff or tense from the beginning. If seizures are not controlled, seek out the help of an epilepsy specialist or visit an epilepsy center to explore treatment options.

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